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Valdombra. Il respiro del Mirabile Criptide (The Breath of the Wondrous Cryptid)

Valdombra. Il respiro del Mirabile Criptide (The Breath of the Wondrous Cryptid)

Before the catastrophe, Isadora Lucerna spent her days helping her father in his candle-making workshop: a basic necessity for people living in Valdombra, a village wedged between mountains that obscure the sun. But one night the earth shakes and the houses collapse without explanation. Clotilde, the beekeeper from whom Isadora gets her wax, reveals to her an almost forgotten legend: it is said that an ancient creature, the Wondrous Cryptid, lives under the earth and their breath makes it tremble. Isa knows that no one will ever believe her, so she decides to act in secret: the opportunity arises when her father asks the missive carrier Anselmo to accompany his children to a safe place. Isa finds herself forming an inevitable alliance with Anselmo, who seems to be hiding a secret, and her little brother Teo, who has always been too wise for his age. On their journey in search of the Wondrous Cryptid, they discover many things about Valdombra and themselves, and nothing will ever be the same again…

An adventure story, full of suspense and atmosphere, to remind fantasy travellers that a map does not tell you where you have to go, but where you can go…

Illustrations by Greta Mainardi. In love with storytelling in all its forms, after graduating from the Liceo Artistico Statale in Venice she specialised in Animation Cinema in Florence, where she attended the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts. Winner of the Nemo Talents 2017-2018 scholarship and the Artbook 2020 scholarship, to date she continues her artistic journey between a good book and fantastic adventures in Dungeons and Dragons.

The book contains a map of Valdombra and a travelogue with 20 full colour pages!

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

Number of pages: 292

Price: 15,50

ISBN: 9788831426190

Foreign rights manager: Cinzia Seccamani, Find Out Team

Premi: Finalista del Premio Letterario Battello a Vapore 2019

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Valdombra. Il respiro del Mirabile Criptide (The Breath of the Wondrous Cryptid)

Martina Folena

Martina Folena is a theatre educator specialised in storytelling for children. For ten years she has been involved in theatre workshops, animated readings and creative writing in many areas, from education to entertainment. With the project ’La Cantastorie’ she revives the oral tradition, telling folk tales and performing at festivals and events, in the theatre and on television.