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How would the catalogue of a real estate agency specializing in the houses of famous artists look like? Ericavale Morello, an art teacher and talented illustrator, guides us in an exhilarating and fascinating game to discover 25 houses that belonged to excellent names. A journey to explore art through houses, which becomes a game to find out who the owners of these prestigious residences were. From Pollock’s house, full of stains that don’t go away, to Hokusai’s with a dangerous approaching wave, to Andy Warhol’s terraced houses, each page offers amazing views and real estate advertisements that will make you burst out laughing.

Ericavale Morello is a professional illustrator and art teacher born in Turin in 1983. She graduated from the International School of Comics and holds a degree in architecture, as well as a PhD focused on freehand drawing for architectural design. Alongside Francesca Tancini, Morello co-created the online project ‘Storie di illustrastorie’ in December 2020, which explores the lives of famous children’s book illustrators and was published as a book in November 2021.