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Tired of feeling on the verge of overflowing, Iris realizes that the time has come to face her unconscious, she begins to look inside herself without filters. She sees the Salento beaches that robbed her of her innocence and the neighborhoods of the capital where she sought her fortune, finds fragments of herself that she believed lost in adolescent memories, chases the ghosts of a fatal love and a friendship that has turned into a regret. Until the secret correspondences between the events of one\’s life emerge.A visionary memoir, in which Ilaria Palomba’s pen, sharp as a scalpel, dissects Iris\’s psyche, bringing her story to the border between the dreamlike dimension and that of reality.

Ilaria Palomba is an Apulian writer, essayist and poet. Among his works Fatti male (Gaffi, 2012: translated into German), Homo homini virus (Meridiano Zero, 2015: Carver prize), Disturbi di luminosi (Gaffi, 2018), Brama (Giulio Perrone Editore, 2020), Città metafisiche (Ensemble, 2020), Microcosmi (Ensemble, 2022). Some of his short stories have been translated into English, French and German.