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WA. La via giapponese dell’armonia

Wa means harmony but, like all Japanese words, it stands for a lot more. Actually, Wa is all that\’s gentle, serene and moderate, and also everything Japanese. Wa is a prefix, like a seal stamped on things and notions. Japan uses Wa to teach us its most important lesson: that beauty, joy and the spirit of community are built with solid commitment, through constant work on oneself, learning patience, and doing things with care and never to the detriment of others.

A journey through 72 words, like the 72 Japanese seasons, which, every five days, allow the possibility of self-renewal.

Imai Messina Laura

Laura Imai Messina is a writer, university lecturer and researcher who lives in Tokyo. Her blog, Giappone Mon Amour (Japan, Mon Amour) has for years been a point of reference for those who love the Rising Sun and a window onto everyday life in the Japanese capital. She is the author of the novel Quel che affidiamo al vento (What We Entrust to the Wind, Piemme 2019) sold worldwide.