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Whisky Sommelier. A Journey Through the Culture of Whisky.

Whisky is a spirit that has always had strong, evocative power. Today, it has become a global phenomenon that is continuously growing, as particular evidenced by the numerous international events where whisky is the protagonist.

Under the guidance of two great experts in the sector, Massimo Righi e Davide Terziotti and accompained by the beautiful photographs taken by Fabio Petroni, a master of still life, this book will reveal all the secrets of Single Malt whiskies.

A great section about the collectionism process: the most prestigious bottles (great tastes with record pricings) and the best flavors that every whisky lover can afford.

The final chapter is dedicated to whisky-based recipes  proposed by chef Rino Duca, which provide valuable ideas for using this spirit in the kitchen.

Whisky is a global experience: a fascinating geographical, temporal, emotional and sensory journey.

Massimo Righi e Davide Terziotti are two interationally known tasters, professionals and leading experts in the sector,

Fabio Petroni Studied photography and work with the most talented professionals, specializing in potraits and still life.

Rino Duca is a professional Chef and owner of Il Grano di Pepe Restaurant