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Young Italian Poetry


Young Italian Poetry

Pordenonelegge Foundation, thanks to a Mibact and SIAE contest, has created a collection of poems titled
L’ Antologia Giovane Poesia Italiana, translated into Spanish, English, German and French and soon to be presented in London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid.

The Anthology, published in five different languages is curated by Roberto Cescon and includes the writings of over twenty authors who had already distinguished themselves for their talent in “Collana Gialla” of Pordenonelegge / LietoColle. Ten poems have been picked by the selected authors of the previous book and enriched with an introductory critical note.

The authors are: Gian Maria Annovi, Alessandro Bellasio, Maria Borio, Clery Celeste, Azzurra D’Agostino, Bernardo De Luca, Laura Di Corcia, Tommaso Di Dio, Sebastiano Gatto, Alessandro Grippa, Naike Agata La Biunda, Maddalena Lotter, Daniele Mencarelli, Marco Pelliccioli, Eleonora Rimolo, Greta Rosso, Giulia Rusconi, Francesca Serragnoli, Giulio Viano, Kabir Yusuf Abukar.

The poems were translated by Francesca Benocci (English), Michele Bevilacqua (French), Marianne Schneider (German) and Antonio Nazzaro (Spanish).

The project took place thanks to the National contest “Per chi crea” promoted  by MIBACT, Ministry of Heritage and Culture and also the Tourism overseen by SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association) which Pordenonelegge Foundation won in the Live and international promotion section.

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