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A village to defend at all costs. A mysterious traveler who wants to conquer it. Two guys to resist him, a love story to defend

It all begins with a scuba diving towards the depths of the sea, a novel that, up to the last page, can literally keep the reader in suspense. Spartaco and Sofì are two young lovers who grew up in an aquatic sponge fishing village. It is the 2146, and the life of the inhabitants proceeds suspended in time, in harmony with nature and its secrets. But one day a mysterious Traveler arrives at the village, who, in order to seize a treasure hidden on the seabed, threatens the existence of the peaceful community. An environmentalist novel that moves sinuously like a fish in the silence of the ocean. A great story of love and endurance.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Edizioni EL

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: San Dorligo della Valle (Trieste)

Number of pages: 144

Price: 12,00

ISBN: 9788866565864

Foreign rights manager:


Marco Marmeggi

Marco Marmeggi was born in Livorno in 1979, is a teacher in high school. In 2011 he founded the offshore sailing school ’Diversamente Marinai’, a social reality that uses the pedagogy of sailing as a tool for integrating differences. In 2015 he got third place in the national competition of ’Il Battello a vapore’ with the novel Quando sarò grande, sarò un pirata.