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An essay providing solid scientific evidence on how so-called persuasive technology is changing our brains, our behaviours and our habits, making us addicted.

Unbeknownst to us, technology designed to serve humans has ended up making us addicted to smartphones, social networks, apps and videogames. The author investigates the pathological relationship we have with our devices and reverses a common perspective, denouncing the responsibility of the most powerful and least transparent industry in the world: the overlords of Silicon Valley.

The book is designed for anyone concerned about the future and the changes that are taking place. It is for anyone with practical as well as ethical questions about why we eventually became addicted to our devices.

Gea Scancarello is a journalist and writer. She writes about digital economy for Business Insider. She is editor-in-chief of Live Magazine and writes reports for Italian and foreign newspapers. She has published Mi fido di te (Chiarelettere, 2015).