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There is a type of fruit that has actually changed the course of history: citrus fruit. Lemons, oranges, citrons, mandarin oranges, bergamot oranges and others figure prominently in Greek mythology, the Bible and Asian folklore. They have been used to combat centuries-old epidemics, influenced innumerable writers and poets over time, and been the foundation upon which economic empires were built. From the frescoes of Pompeii to Lake Garda, from the Cubist paintings of Braque and Picasso to the popular liqueur limoncello, from Goethe’s Italienische Reise to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and more, this richly illustrated book by Giuseppe Barbera treats us to an as-yet untold citrus-focused history of the world.

Giuseppe Barbera is a professor of Tree Cultivation at the University of Palermo and a member of the scientific committee of the Benetton Foundation Research Centre.