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Album didattico Montessori – Attività di vita pratica

Teacher Montessori’s Educational Album – Practical Life activities, the first volume of a new series created with the scientific supervision of the Montessori Italy Foundation to learn about and use the Montessori method in the classroom, is a handbook that explains in detail what to do to accompany children in the acquisition of autonomy in daily life.The activities, to be carried out in the classroom and in every area of the school, concern:

-self-care activities oriented to the care of people and their belongings: the resulting correct hygiene practices are aimed at developing identity and autonomy.

-daily relationships: the proposed activities concern caring for your surroundings, which implies the recognition of others and the teaching of cooperation. These activities stimulate the child to get involved as an active part in real situations of school life, developing a responsible and respectful behavior towards others, nature and objects.

-smart hand exercises: the volume defines the activities that attract children because of the possibilities to exercise that they offer. Experimenting and repeating a movement several times, suddenly discovering to be capable of a perfect execution is a source of great satisfaction, because “the development of the hand’s ability goes hand in hand with the development of intelligence”.

The album is intended not only for those who already adopt the Montessori method, but also for all teachers who want to start applying it in their classes, as well as for parents interested in getting to know it better.

Andrea Lupi is a pedagogist, general secretary of the Montessori Foundation Italy, trainer and supervisor of Montessori method nurseries and schools, and the author of articles on teaching and the history of pedagogy. Martine Gilsoul has a degree in Education. She worked as a teacher for newly arrived children in the Priority Education Area in Brussels. She became familiar with the Montessori method after an experience in a favela in Salvador de Bahia.