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Alessandra is an inquisitive girl, she likes walking in the woods with her parents. While they look for mushrooms, she sits under a big oak, follows the race of a squirrel and…she talks with the tree. Rovere (\’Oak\’), this is the name of the tree, speaks through its vibrant trunk and so Ale learns some secrets about the life of the wood: the wood is not a bunch of trees, but a world of close relations between plants and between planets and animals, and these relations are built on solidarity. Plants interact and help among them.

A tender illustrated tale that blends magic and love for nature and will surprise and move kids through the words of Daniele Zovi, one of the most famous experts on wild animals and life in the woods.

Daniele Zovi, after working for 40 years in the State Forestry Corp, has written a book on the world of plants Alberi sapienti, antiche foreste (UTET 2018) and Italia selvatica (UTET 2019). He travels extensively in Italy to talk about these themes in bookshops, natural history museums, in schools, because he is convinced that a better knowledge of nature is the starting point for a new and true alliance between man and the other living creatures.