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Alla scoperta del paese degli scacchi

Alla scoperta del paese degli scacchi

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A book dedicated to children ages 6 to 8, to bring them closer to the game of chess by way of fun activities in the areas of logic, mathematics, and language.

A book dedicated to children ages 6 to 8, to bring them closer to the game of chess by way of fun activities in the areas of logic, mathematics, and language.

Integrating the game of chess with teaching would allow children to reap not only cognitive benefits but also social and ethical ones too, including the areas of affection and emotion. Particularly for the 6-8 age group, the game of chess represents an opportunity for children to actively learn and enhance cognitive, memory, social, logical and motor skills. In fact, the game of chess allows for work on the refinement of skills such as intuition, managerial ability, acceptance of one’s limits, respect for rules, respect for others, and patience, providing children with precious opportunities to get to know each other better and learn to manage their emotions in a functional way in the school environment.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Trento

Number of pages: 64

Price: € 9,90

ISBN: 9788859020172

Foreign rights manager: Valeria Agliuzzo

Alla scoperta del paese degli scacchi

Francesca Addarii, Elisabetta Ciracò, Ketty Polo

Francesca Addarii graduated in School and Community Psychology. She specialized in teaching methodologies dealing with playing for promoting development and well-being at school.

Elisabetta Ciracò is a childhood and adolescent psychologist and psychotherapist. She has worked for ten years in the field of Child Neuropsychiatry.

Ketty Polo graduated in Clinical Psychology. She has worked with children and adolescents with autism.