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Anime trasparenti

Anime trasparenti


Daniele Bresciani’s piercing pen inks an enthrallingly skilled police inspector with a captivating human side. A nature lover, he is not afraid to put himself on the line as he moves through a Milan that is keener on the dark suburban shadows than the limelight of the skyline.

Inspector Miranda knows that rules are made to be broken – so he refuses to comply when he is told to file three cases without investigating them. They couldn’t be more diverse: the hit-and-run death of a woman with no convictions, the body of a prostitute and the murder of a petty crook. Miranda knows from sheer experience that there’s always an invisible thread binding everything. This time, though, he’s holding something back – even from himself. Something very personal is driving him to investigate further and rack his brains like never before: he actually knew Gloria, the hit-and-run victim. In fact, he had an affair with her. They were so close that he covered up an illegal – but humanitarian – activity of hers. For years, Gloria had been running the House of a Hundred Children, a free kindergarten for the children of families forced to live in the shadows, without a residence permit; the children of parents exploited for humble, often back-breaking jobs. It was a safe haven in an often unwelcoming city. Miranda has to figure out what happened. It can’t have been a freak accident. As winter closes its icy grip on Milan, the inspector conducts an unofficial investigation, far beyond the limits imposed by regulations. Miranda doesn’t mind bending the law – he gave up his career to defend his ideals against everything and everyone. What he doesn’t know is that he’s about to lift the lid on a veritable Pandora’s box and release a slew of dark and disturbing scenarios that are going to be a huge challenge even for someone like him and his seemingly unbreakable armour.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 396

Price: 18,60 euro

ISBN: 9788811609995

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Anime trasparenti

Daniele Bresciani

Daniele Bresciani was born in 1962. In 1988 he began writing for a number of dailies and weeklies including La Gazzetta dello Sport, Grazia and Vanity Fair. He has also written for foreign publications such as The Guardian and The Sunday Times Magazine. In 2013 he came out with his first novel titled Ti volevo dire, which won several Italian awards and was translated abroad. Other publications: Nessuna notizia dello scrittore scomparso (2017), Anime trasparenti (2020).

Other translations:
"Ti volevo dire" (Rizzoli, 2011): German (Karl Blessing)