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In these times it’s rare that writing tries to find new ways. Autobiogrammatica is different from other books, it’s a vertiginous game. It aims to narrate an existence – unique and common – as the story of a language. Actually, there is a secret link between two sinuous lines along which our life winds. On the one hand the apprenticeship of the alphabet, names, the family lexicon, the insults, jokes, foreign languages, secret codes, poetry. On the other hand, the intrusive love for parents, the school which is a journey into the unknown, the seductions and deferrals of friendship and desire, dealing with a place in the world – in an Italy in which privilege, prejudice, political and private violence reign.Trying to draw out the links that connect this double helix means to ask oneself: which letters have the taste of sugar in our lips, and where does this pleasure come from? What’s the alphabet book of our love stories ? Which words enclose our fears?Language as the origin of consciousness and of the world, the genealogy of affection, identity and dis-identity, the filter for our eyes, the only chance to give sense to what we live. The mother tongue and the tongue set free. Language that is not just the poetic return of the narration, but the very substance of this narration. And above all, around all, the babel of our existences and the ones of those who have lived before us.

In addition to some essays, Tommaso Giartosio (1963) published the memoirs Doppio ritratto (Fazi 1998, Premio Bagutta Opera Prima), L’O di Roma (Laterza 2012), Tutto quello che non abbiamo visto. Un viaggio in Eritrea (Einaudi 2023) and the poetry collection Come sarei felice. Storia con padre (Einaudi 2019, Premio Napoli). He is editor for Nuovi Argomenti and radio host of Fahrenheit on Radio 3.