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Barbaricon e altro. Poesie 2011-2021

Barbaricon e altro, a collection of 75 poems – written between 2011 and 2021 – divided into 7 sections, is a declaration of love for poetry and at the same time, through its transposition in imperial Rome, an attempt to describe the contemporary; while not lacking personal lyrics and reflections on our time, the prevailing figure is the poetic homage. Barbaricon, the first section, composed of 24 poems in loose hendecasyllables, set in a hypothetical Roman Empire in decline, intertwines the theme of the ‘barbarism of the times’ with a tribute to the authors of Latin literature. Empatia, Poeti and Flash e dediche mostly contain lyrics addressed to some of the major poets of world literature. Residences on Earth, Private Madrigals and Provisional Conclusions, the final sections, concern strictly personal and current issues.

Antonio Cuomo was born in Gragnano in 1973. After graduating in philosophy from the Federico II of Naples, he taught in a middle school in the province of Alessandria and since 2013 on the island of Ischia. Among his works there is also Presagi-Poesie1995-2004.