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Black Boys

Black Boys


A story about the baffling and unfathomable emotions of adolescence, and the madness of hatred and racism into which we are sucked, at times without even realising it.

Sixteen-year-old Alex has just joined the Black Boys, a violent right-wing youth group. He is determined to find whoever caused the accident that took his father’s life. The Black Boys are willing to help, but in return he must take part in the group’s punitive expeditions. During one mission Alex loses control of the situation and a man ends up in hospital. Alex is distressed and tries to leave the Black Boys, but the leader of the group threatens him. Crushed by peer pressure, Alex slides into a downward spiral that gradually closes in on him, with no end in sight. Only when he is faced with the most extreme consequences of his actions does he grasp the madness that his yearning for revenge has led him to.

– The appalling subject of neo-Nazi groups, whose members also include youngsters.

– The author’s previous best-selling novel, Continua a camminare (8.000 copies sold).

– Gabriele Clima’s books have been translated into some fifteen languages.

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 176

Price: € 13,00

ISBN: 9788807910593

Foreign rights manager: Grandi & Associati

Premi: Il sole fra le dita: Premio Andersen 2017; Continua a camminare: Premio Minerva “Letteratura per ragazzi” 2018.

Black Boys

Gabriele Clima

Gabriele was born in 1967. He lives and works in Milan writing and illustrating books for children and teenagers. He has written many books, including picture books, toy books, fiction and novels addressing to different age groups from young children to teenagers. His books have been translated in many languages, including English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Other translations:
Il sole fra le dita (Edizioni San Paolo, 2016): Drustvo Mohorjeva Druzba, lingua slovena; Norma, Educativa Ediciones S.a.s., lingua spagnola; Hanser Verlag, lingua tedesca; Kim Dong, lingua vietnamita, KompasGuide Publishers, lingua russa; Auzou, lingua francese; La stanza del lupo (Edizioni San Paolo, 2018): KompasGuide Publishers, lingua russa.