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They are isolated from the outside world
They are in the dark
One of them is a murderer

Ethel and Christopher Goldwyn have been married for two years. He decides to change his life: he leaves his job as a theatre actor and move with his wife to Joylet, a small town in Pennsylvania, and becomes a miner. During the first months in Joylet, Ethel becomes acquainted with Coleman Cox, the owner of the town diner, and with the Rivera family. At the beginning of January, everything changes.

A heavy snowfall causes the fall of the bridge that connects Joylet with the rest of the State. This will force the miners to stay far from the town. Soon after, Violet Rivera is killed. The abrupt blackout and a new series of murderers spread terror and anger in the community. The inhabitants who remained in Joylet accuse each other. Everyone could be the murderer. The first suspect is Joseph Walker, a former miner who – after losing his eye – has inexplicably decided to keep living there. But the discovery of a new corpse will change the situation, and force the people of Joylet to choose who they trust.

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Publishing house:

Leone Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 336

Price: 14,90€

ISBN: 978-88-6393-640-7

Foreign rights manager: Michele Spinicci (


Roberto Leonardi

Roberto Leonardi was born in San Benedetto del Tronto in 1983. He has a degree in Biomedical Engineering. For Leone Editore, he has already published L’uomo senza volto (2016) and Lasciati uccidere (2019)