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Injuries, cuts, traumas, burns, suffocation, ingestion of toxic substances… Knowing how to behave when accidents occur, more or less dangerous, involving the child is of fundamental importance to reduce the disabling effects and mortality. Correct and effective first aid, with the resources you have available at the time, can make a real difference. Equally important is knowing how to prevent accidents by taking appropriate environmental precautions and ‘educating’ the child in risk assessment; a task that is primarily the responsibility of parents and childhood educators. In Calma e sangue freddo (Calm and cool blood), an agile illustrated handbook for all those who deal with children, paediatrician Luciano Proietti describes how to act promptly depending on the accident (before going to the doctor or arriving at the hospital) and gives useful indications to guide the adult towards a fundamental responsibilization of the child.

Luciano Proietti

Luciano Proietti, physician, surgeon, specialized in pediatrics and pediatric surgery, has worked for twenty years at the Pediatric Surgery of the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin. Promoter of a ‘functional pediatrics’, which treats and prevents diseases by acting on internal and external causes, and not only on symptoms, he deals with physiological nutrition in pediatric age.