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A collection of ancient melodies, sung and played for centuries, which resonate in us and in our children like the scent of country flowers, of known paths, already traveled.A collection of games, to be played with one’s own children, in couples or together, that grandparents have handed down to us. Songs and games with distant stories that time has preserved, commented by parents and experts in music, pedagogy and pediatrics, that can help today’s children and parents to find and put down roots in this new world, vital, joyful, musical roots.This and much more is Cantami ancora!, a book with an accompanying CD.

Manuela Filippa, researcher in psychology and musical pedagogy, deals with studies and experimental projects on the origin of musical experience.
Elena Malaguti is a pedagogist, psychologist and psychotherapist, expert in support and treatment of events of a traumatic nature.
Costantino Panza is a specialist in pediatrics and neonatology.
Manuel Staropoli currently teaches Recorder at the Conservatory ‘N. Piccinni’ of Bari.