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Cartoline dai morti (2007-2017)

Cartoline dai morti (2007-2017)

Foreign rights sold:
Ad Marginem (Russia), Apuleius (Denmark)

Striking stories of just a few lines, on the many ways of dying. Penetrating, ironic, dry, they are told by the dead who send these postcards from their unknown place. Death is the occasion for outlining in a few words a portrait of themselves and their life. In a bittersweet way they condense the last gleam of memory into an image: a light on the bedside table, a jar of coffee, a green sweater, the first roses, a birthday cake, a solitary, a vineyard, a tangerine, the swallows darting to and fro, a beloved woman, a stranger…

Genre: Poetry

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 176

Price: 12

ISBN: 9788874526918

Foreign rights manager: Maria Leonardi

Cartoline dai morti (2007-2017)

Franco Arminio

Franco Arminio (1960) has published poetry and prose works including Diario civile (Sellino 1999), Viaggio nel cratere (Sironi 2003), Circo dell’ipocondria (2006) and Nevica e ho le prove. Cronache dal paese della cicuta (Laterza 2009). With Vento forte tra Lacedonia e Candela. Esercizi di paesologia (Laterza 2008) he won the 2009 Naples Award.