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Part one. It is Friday afternoon and Giacomo wakes up on the floor of his living room. He is confused and has a sharp pain in his head. His memory slowly returns and the boy begins to recall something: he has entered the upstairs flat alone to investigate the disturbing noises he heard in the middle of the night. As he tries to recover the darker memories, he hears his twin sister Gemma re- entering the house and wonders if he will be able to protect her from the monster on the fifth floor.The story then continues backwards to Monday, when the twins hear the first strange rustling. Part two. The story is now told from Gemma’s pperspective in the correct chronological order, from Monday to Friday, the day where everything goes wrong.When she argues with her brother because of his fixation on ghosts, she decides to confront her selfish parents, without achieving much. Days pass, until Gemma discovers the chilling mystery of the fifth floor, finally forced to come to terms with something truly incredible.

Lucia Giustini was born in Taranto and nowlives in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Perhaps that is why she often dreams of the sea in the middle of a forest. She graduated from DAMS in History of Cinema and in 2003founded Millemagichestorie with her husband, an activity that deals with children’s theatre, inviting people to reading and video- cinematographic workshops.