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The content of Come fiori sulle parole comes from the desire to make the link between flowers and words palpable by bringing to life, through the gaze we turn to floral nature, that flow pronounced in a whisper of timeless movements. The words of the flowers reach us silently, in a bundle of gestures that only the wind moves and makes subtly listenable. They represent that act of force that each of us equally expresses in everyday life, whose poetics appear imperceptible to us. That energy which, when we stop, we could observe excitedly, as if we were spectators of a painting or a photograph. Words weave the story of our life becoming, with every stumbling block, an instrument of regained confidence and strengthened courage. Words draw the scenario in which we are the protagonists, enlivening it with colours, tracing its pigments in black and white. Thus flowers open us to the discovery of places, together with our person, reminding us of the strength in which we reside.

Rosa Di Girolamo was born in Mugnano di Napoli in 1980. After her degree in Sociology at the ‘Federico II University of Naples, she became interested in anthropological studies and photography. Passionate about writing, she dedicates herself to writing articles for the MyDreams entertainment portal. Radio speaker, passionate about all forms of art, continues to divulge the latter through the word.