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This is a book for those who like to draw on multiple talents and passions; who already feel contaminated and want to be contaminated; for those who love diversity and don’t want to stop learning; who seek unexpected connections to boost their creativity.

More and more people are able to shift seamlessly between disciplines, skills and cultures. Universities, academies and business schools focus on interdisciplinarity, where contamination is encouraged as the ideal tool to tackle modern-day complexity.

The contaminated are often the answer to a professional life that has become longer, more uncertain and more intense. They are the answer to the AI running rampant in corporations. The skills of the contaminated are going to be more and more sought after because the contaminated can fathom what even the most complex algorithms cannot.

The contaminated are “future-ready” people – they are the new protagonists of the interconnected world.

Giulio Xhaët is a partner at Newton S.p.A. and scientific coordinator for several Sole24Ore Business School master courses. His books published by Hoepli are Le nuove professioni del Web (2012), Le nuove professioni digitali (2015) and Digital Skills (2018).