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Cose da fare prima di compiere sedici anni

Cose da fare prima di compiere sedici anni


Smile, always think for the best, don’t spare yourself and learn from the past, savour the present and keep an eye on the future.

From an Andersen Prize winner, the best tips to cross the final metres to the milestone of  the age of 16: simple, funny, hard challenges that make you sit back and think. The six main sections that mark the pages of this book organize starting points, ideas and stimulation for those on life’s trampoline who are about to jump: helping them calculate their trajectory, avoid messing it up, and to give all the momentum and enthusiasm possible. Annalisa Strada won the Andersen Prize 2014 for the ‘Best book over 15’ category. A well-established, skilled author of Children’s books, she is regularly invited to present her works in schools all over Italy.

Genre: Teenagers

Subject: Practice / Self-help / Personal development

Publishing house:

Fabbri Editori

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 180

Price: 12,00€

ISBN: 9788891585189

Foreign rights manager: Sonia Finotello

Premi: Gigante delle Langhe (2010), il Premio Arpino (2011, 2013), Andersen (Miglior libro over 15, 2014), Premio Cento (2017) e Selezione Bancarellino (2017)

Cose da fare prima di compiere sedici anni

Annalisa Strada

writes children and young adult books and has published more than a hundred titles, many of which have been translated abroad. She has won several prizes, including Gigante delle Langhe (2010), Premio Arpino (2011, 2013), Andersen (Best book over 15, 2014), Premio Cento (2017) and Selezione Bancarellino (2017). She teaches Literature in Lower Secondary School and she couldn’t write without teaching or teach without writing.