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Cuori spenti. Storie di vittime innocenti

It is the fourth volume, written on behalf of the Polis Foundation, which tells stories of innocent victims of crime. They are mostly ordinary people: workers, pensioners, boys. Among them also a doctor and a priest. They are stories of fifteen people who must be approached on tiptoe and stealthily, not only for the respect due to the victims, but also for the drama that family members continue to experience, carrying pain and suffering in silence. To tell are mothers, fathers, wives, children, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, who since the day of the tragedy have been serving a life sentence that no judge has ever imposed, a life sentence. Penalty never end. Hearts dull.

Raffaele Sardo is a journalist. He wrote for various national newspapers such as l‘Unità, Il manifesto, He collaborated with the TV programm Anno Zero. He currently signs articles for La Repubblica Napoli. He has published the books La Bestia. Storie di delitti, vittime e complici (Melampo, 2008); Come nuvole nere. Vittime innocenti (Melampo, 2013); Don Peppe Diana. Un martire in terra di Camorra (Di Girolamo, 2015) and Giancarlo Siani, il ragazzo che amava la vita (Iod, 2018).