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In this collection of poems, Giustino opens his soul, revealing his hopes, his disappointments, his certainties, his fears, the anxiety of passing time and the difficulty of adapting to the social dimension that surrounds him; but he doesn’t hide his anger at how society responds to the problems that arise from time to time. The most striking example of his disappointment can be found in the analysis that he, inspired by Dante (in 74 tercets of hendecasyllable verses), makes of the situation in Italy following the epidemic caused by COVID 19. All of his poetry involves and excites, but it captivates even more when he talks about the relationship with his life partner, the one who – he says – gave meaning to his life.

Giustino Aruta was born in Arzano (NA), where he lives. He is a journalist. He was Professor of Literary and Latin. He held the role of school principal. He held the role of Councilor in the Municipality of Arzano. He is the author of two books and co-author of 150° Anniversario della traslazione del corpo di S. Giustina and of Donne e uomini illustri sepolti nel cimitero.