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Dantis amor. Da poeta a poeta, l’immaginario dantesco nell’arte di Dante Gabriel Rossetti

If you want to stay away from the rhetorical, ideological, nationalist and popular celebrations of Dante Alighieri, the most direct and simple is to adhere to his poetry. This is the case in European literary history of the late romantic English poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti who, starting from the name assigned to him, marks the destiny and dedication of his personal creative approach to Dante Alighieri’s work. During the translation and figuration work on the text of Vita Nuova, Dante’s insistence on the person of Beatrice, symbol of earthly and transcendent love, reverberates and generates, from poet to poet, in poetry and painting

Luigi Paolo Finizio, art critic and historian, has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria, Naples and Rome and has held courses at various Italian universities. He has several publications to his credit: one of the most recent is Avanguardia a Napoli-Undici dell’astrattismo, Naples 2010.