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Dikotomika. Scarpe rosse per non dimenticare

A country where the pleasure of the flesh and erotic prowess are exalted above all else, sees the arrival of those who would revolutionize their world. A beautiful-minded and good-looking young woman is doomed by her lover\’s suffocating attentions and complacency. The gentle touch of a small female heart that turns into a murderous hand in the act of betrayal. Memories of a lonely man and a lost love, carried away when he least expected it, like sand with waves. These are just some of the stories that Dikotomika encompasses. Eleven stories for eleven authors, born from the inspiration that arouses music, the real one, of the soul, of a project that bears the same name; born of fantasy and also with a pinch of truth, but all share one thing: women. Women who laugh, who joke, who dream, who bare a part of themselves, but most of all women who suffer, women who are victims of a virus almost as old as humanity, which is that of violence perpetrated by men. And each of them has her own way of metabolizing and fighting that violence: with tears, with indifference, with anger, with hope, with the cheek of someone who knows how to get her revenge, with a faint smile that turns into a sharp and ironic invective. Sweet endings, victories and defeats, joys and sorrows, love and hate. It is from these contrasts that a dichotomy arises.

Valeria Frontone, Neapolitan musician, violinist and choir director, studied composition and orchestra leader at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory. In the classical field she has carried out an intense concert activity both as a violinist in chamber ensembles and as an orchestra conductor and composer. From the meeting, in 2010, with the singer Assia Fiorillo, the group ‘Crimini in blues’ was born, finalist among other things at the Lucca Jazz Donna in 2012.