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Diritto, politica, religione. Temi di legislazione imperiale tra Decio e Teodosio I

The religious, but also social and cultural change brought about by the advent of Christianity forced the Roman emperors to face the question of plurality of faiths and identities from the 3rd century onwards. In the essays collected here, relating in particular to the legislation of Decius, Gratian and Theodosius, it emerges how the orientation of the legislation of the individual emperors was inspired – rather than by granitic personal convictions or a far-sighted vision – by contingent political choices and dictated by the pragmatism that allowed them, in the challenge that is the politics of all times, to give immediate answers to concrete problems.

Iole Fargnoli is Professor of Roman Law at the University of Milan and in double appointment, at the Universität Bern. He is ‘Guest Professor’ at the ‘School of Philosophy and Government’ of the ‘Shaanxi Normal University’ in Xian, China. Since 2023, she is Director of the Rivista di Diritto Romano, founded by Ferdinando Zuccotti, and the related series. She is the author of publications on late antique legislation, Roman private law and historiographical studies.