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Ugly mugs, kidnappings and shady deals for a galloping adventure, between the beach of Forte dei Marmi and the Versiliana pine forest. A story of friendship, solidarity and great love for animals.Like every morning, Bianca is running on the beach. Suddenly she notices something horrendous: lying on the shoreline is the corpse of a horse. The woman immediately notifies the police and the veterinary Del Carlo, who start investigating: the poor animal, kidnapped a few days earlier, has drowned.Meanwhile, at the summer camp organised by Bianca’s riding school, Emma arrives, a young girl who has decided not to speak since her beloved dog Otello disappeared. Despite her initial bewilderment, Emma gets close and soon becomes attached to Bandito, a horse with a difficult character, who distracts her from the pain of her loss. Until, one day, Bandito disappears as well. The girl and her new friends, aspiring jockeys, set out to investigate. Amidst nasty muggers, night stalkings, kidnappings and threats, the boys will try to discover the truth…

Laura Orsolini, author, editor, scout and bookseller,  studied foreign languages and literature. She specialises in children’s and young people’s literature. In 2018, she crowned her dream and opened the Millestorie Bookshop in Fagnano Olona and, in 2020, a second shop in Tradate.