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Villa Mannara

Villa Mannara

A storytelling about confidence, cultural melting pot and resilience free of rhetoric and clichés.

Federico Rossi lives with his mother Sara and her partner Giovanni Milazzo, a Police Marshal. Federico starts secondary school where he doesn’t have any friends. But he makes friends with his new classmate Driss, born in Italy from Moroccan parents. To get noticed they decide to solve the case of an old missing lady. During their afternoon bicycle rides they draw a map portraying 6 perfect football fields named respectively: San Siro, Amsterdam Arena, Allianz Arena, Santiago Bernabeu, Olimpico and Maracanà, the latter the best of all. One day, while playing at Maracanà the ball lands on a garden of a very creepy mansion. The two friends call it Mansion Werewolf because the howl of a wolf, or maybe of a dog, is always heard in the woods. The kids get back the ball in the Mansion Werewolf’s garden and meet the landlady. A weird and cryptic lady, surely guilty of the kidnapping of the old missing lady. One night the kids, determined to unmask her, while digging some covered holes in the mansion’s garden fall in a deep gap which is in reality a bomb-shelter built during the Second World War. Right inside this hole they find the old kidnapped lady. The only exit is a tunnel leading directly to the wood near the river. Nevertheless out there waiting for them there is the real kidnapper who locks them inside an abandoned little house in the woods. The alleged wolf, which is actually a sled dog, will help the Marshal Milazzo in releasing the two kids and solving the case.

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Pelledoca Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 168

Price: 16 €

ISBN: 978-88-3279-025-2

Foreign rights manager: Sarah Daumerie

Villa Mannara

Laura Orsolini

She is an editorial consultant, a professor of creative writing and an author of children’s and adults’ books. In September 2018 she inaugurated her bookshop Millestorie in Fagnano Olona. Since 2017 she has been the head of the Writing, Theatre, Illustration Camp of Gazzetta Summer Camp. Since October 2019 she has been curator of the “Books” column for the monthly magazine Ambiente and of the «Mamma scegliamo un libro» for the online daily newspaper Varesenews.