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Esercizi di genere. Un’idea per sei racconti

These stories are the result of the work of the students of the Postgraduate Course in Proofreader and Editor of the University of Naples ‘Federico II’. As in a small publishing house, the stories born from the imagination and creativity of the writers were treated in detail by the rest of the class, who took care of all the other phases of the work. And what better way to ensure that ideas remain, and that they take the form of what is the most beautiful gift for the imagination than to enclose everything in a book? And it’s worth letting yourself go to this reading, because ‘the story is the last refuge from the epidemic of real time’.

Giovanni Marino Amura graduated in 2019 in Modern Philology at the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ with honors. From 2016 to 2017, he attended a training course at the radio station ‘F2 RadioLab’ dealing with techniques for conducting a radio broadcast and organizing editorial plans. He has been a member of the National Order of Journalists as a Publicist Journalist since 2015.