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A “lost generation” looking for new learnings, for growth and for rebirth. Sara is a brilliant expat with a multifaceted talent. Behind her “escape” from Italy there’s more that the search for a better job: she will understand this only years after leaving, and like her many young people that she finds during her life around the world. What is home for those who left their family years ago and have lived in so many different houses? Can expats ever feel at home when they are so far from their roots?

Sorace Isabella

Was born in 1989 in Ciserano, Bergamo. After her studies, she had lived and worked abroad, in England, Israel and Switzerland. Now she lives and works in Zurich, where she manages projects for a leader management consulting company. She created with Gregory Brown the crowdliquidity platform this is an innovative service to support small businesses with liquidity problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.