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How can kids deal with marriage breakups?When Nico’s parents separate, they explain to himthat their home has simply grown bigger, with anopen-air corridor between his mom’s house in JohnStreet and his Dad’s house in Doe Street. Nico justhas to use a little imagination!What really helps Nico cope with the big changeis nurturing and attention, the same qualities that he and his mom have always devoted to the plantson their tiny city balcony, as they turn the dry twigsof winter into a lush forest.Through mutual respect and love, the relationshipsin his new family will survive through the winter, too, only to blossom again in spring. A lighthearted book about a difficult subject. Marriage separation and building a new family structure seen through a child’s eyes. The idea of growing a forest unites people, with care, attention to others, and looks to nature to find lessons on how to live in harmony.

Ilaria Bernardini was born in 1977 in Milan. She graduated in Philosophy with a thesis that is an interview to the poet Alda Merini. She writes screenplays for movies and television. She writes for some important magazines such as \’Amica\’, \’GQ\’. She is a speaker and co-author of the show Very Victoria on MTV and of Victor Victoria on La7. She wrote different novels and collected stories. Her last book is Faremo Foresta (Mondadori, 2018). Facciamo Foresta is it\’s adaptation for children.