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An illustrated non-fiction series that, through its new and art-oriented format, deals with those big issues that never fail to excite us – from love and its various meanings to the genius of the greatest authors, from unsolved mysteries to ghost stories, from the fashion movements that burst out of subcultures to revolutions in the name of humanrights, from the directors who transformed cinemato the albums that transformed music.Every book brings together 20 stories, with eachone told through an in-depth discussion and a table covering a double-page spread. A striking illustrated non-fi ction series with a strong artistic emphasis. Subjects that never fail to excite us because of their universality and the importance of their characters. 20 stories told in a consistently new and special way – somewhere between critical analysis and passionate narration – combined with accessible language and the power of images to make reading even more exciting.

Art lover, after years of exhibitions and catalogs, she founded in 2011 Hop !, and began to consider comics and illustration supreme forms of art. She is the author of all the texts in the series Per aspera ad astra (Hop!), Woman Power series, translated in different countries.