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«I figli di Chiara». Una vita «normale» con l’autismo

Ruggero can’t ask more from his life: he has a thrilling job, wealth, faithful friends, many lovers and, most importantly, the sheer love of his beloved children, born from Chiara, both autistic. The story is about the journey of the main character, firstly alone and then with his family towards the goal of their safety. The long journey offers, however, many occasions of meeting other ‘special’ people, mostly women, with intriguing stories and complicated souls, but all of them gifted with determination and bravery.

Eugenio Falanga is a engineer grown in Naples, where he got a degree. Specialized in environment, he directed international projects for many Societies of ENI Group, and then for important private agencies. He has lived for many years, for business, in Venice, India, England. He has always been sensitive towards social problems; he is now directing the Fondazione Falanga for Autism ONLUS. For passion he is a historic and scientific popularizer.