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Francesco, un’altra storia (Francis, another History)

Francesco, un’altra storia (Francis, another History)


St. Francis rediscovered

Thanks to the richness of the episodes it illustrates (more than twenty), the uniqueness of their choice – almost a challenge to the institution – and the complexity of its figurative discourse, the panel of the Bardi Chapel, preserved in Florence’s Santa Croce, portrays a Francis quite distant from the image we are used to seeing. It offers, in fact, a portrait of the saint in clear contrast with the more well-known one (of Bonaventure and Giotto) because it illustrates the more disturbing parts of Francis’ program, for example the peaceful conversion of the infidels, his disdain of wealth, his radical choice in favor of the poor and his helping the lepers.

Genre: Biographies/autobiographies/memoirs

Subject: Arti e storia dell\'arte / Architettura

Publishing house:

Marietti 1820

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Bologna

Number of pages: 88

Price: 14,00

ISBN: 9788821113062

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Francesco, un’altra storia (Francis, another History)

Chiara Frugoni

Chiara Frugoni has taught Medieval History at the Universities of Pisa, Rome and Paris. A St. Francis and St. Clare scholar, she is author of essays translated in the main European languages, in Japanese and Korean.