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It is said that on Halloween night it is possible to run into ghostly creatures, but Camilla does not suspect that at the costume party at the castle, there is a notorious thief lurking instead, ready to do anything to steal a precious jewel. The chilling party turns into a chilling investigation! But it is not easy to follow clues amidst sniggering pumpkins, which seem to mock her, and guests disguised as dragons. Armed only with her wits and a witch’s costume, and with the help of George, a boy disguised as a cat, Camilla must fight against time to discover who is hiding under the guise of the culprit and find the jewel before midnight and, like a slightly creepy Cinderella, the thief escapes into the night.

For work, Erika Torre writes articles in English for a company that sells vintage racing bikes. For passion… she writes, again. From small stories for children who are learning to read, to young adult. Experimenting and trying different genres is her favourite thing. In 2018 he published the picture book Diego and gli occhiali and then in 2020 Pirati all’avventura, both for the Tandem series published by Il Castoro.