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Giugno (June)

Giugno (June)

A reckless kid from the wrong side of the tracks. A summer that will blow his horizons wide open. A riveting and unforgettable coming-of-age.

When you’re twelve, June is the best month. Dome knows it full well. School is out and he can finally roamfree around Longuelo, his neighborhood at the outskirts of Bergamo, meet his gang of punks at the skateparkand raise hell. And this time they mean business, because they’re about to become firecracker dealers.But the plan falls through, and Dome gets sent to summer camp, along with a bunch of boring goodytwo-shoes from the parish. Yet those goody two-shoes turn out to be not so bad after all, and Dome findshimself torn between the parish grounds and the skate-park. The clash is inescapable. And when the twoworlds collide, the deflagration will leave an indelible mark.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Mondadori/Sperling & Kupfer

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 320

Price: 17,90

ISBN: 978882009854

Foreign rights manager: Masha Vincenti / Francesca Villa

Premi: Premio Mattador 2019 per la miglior sceneggiatura

Giugno (June)

Paolo Bontempo, Gianluca Dario Rota

Paolo Bontempo and Gianluca Dario Rota are members of Collettivo Criu, ten screenwriting graduates of the LuchinoVisconti School of Cinema who have decided to meet and write together also after classes, launching a collective film making project pivoting around writing in all its forms.