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Guida ai miracoli d’Italia

Guida ai miracoli d’Italia


A guide not only for devoted readers but also for anyone who wants to rediscover Italy and the charm behind its many destinations.

From Turin to Ferrara, from Siena to Assisi, from Bolsena to the far ends of southern Italy. Italy, the cradle of Catholicism, is a land that preserves the memory of prodigious events through tradition. Events which are often inexplicable for science but recognized by ecclesiastical authorities, and places which are now venerated and destinations for faithful pilgrims. As a real guide to help us discover places which are both well and not-so-well known, this book illustrates the locations, dynamics, and protagonists of the many miracles that have occurred in Italy with concise, clear, use-to-read descriptions. The first guide to the locations and protagonists of the many miracles that took place in Italy.

Genre: Tourist Guides

Subject: History / Philosophy / Religion

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 320

Price: 15,90 €

ISBN: 9788817157322

Foreign rights manager: Sonia Finotello

Guida ai miracoli d’Italia

Natale Benazzi

Natale Benazzi has worked for years in publishing. Manager of the Spirituality department at Edizioni San Paolo, he is a writer and essayist. Among his most significant publications, we note: Il terzo cantico (San Paolo, 2012); Storia della Chiesa in 100 vite (Newton&Compton, 2016); Maria Maddalena. Storia di un vero amore e di una straordinaria confusione (San Paolo, 2019).