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I cinque pilastri. Fondamenti del culto musulmano

Knowing Islam requires to deepen the five most important religious practices, the so-called pillars of faith: witness of faith, prayer, almsgiving, fasting and pilgrimage. Its foundations are outlined in a simple way, uniting the community of believers (umma), Sunnis and Shiites, of many cultures and nations, legal schools and theological interpretations. To avoid formalism or religion, it is important to refer, as the author does in the book, to the authentic masters through their written commentaries over the centuries. Today almost two billion Muslims in the world find inspiration for ritual practice in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Doctrine and sacred science have vitality thanks to faithful retransmission and effective practice.

Muslim Italian, studied Islamic religious sciences in Rome, Paris, Cairo and Kuala Lumpur. Yahja Pallavicini collaborates with the institutions of the international Islamic world, such as ISESCO (Rabat), KAICIID (Vienna) and WMCC (Abu Dhabi), and as a consultant on Islam for Italian and European institutions, NATO and the United Nations. He is president of COREIS (Italian Islamic Religious Community) and imam of the al-Wahid mosque in Milan.