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The stories are set in Calabria, a region located in the heart of Southern Italy. They are inspired by episodes that have actually happened, filtered by time and word of mouth, to the point of becoming local legends and myths, in a period that goes from the early 20th century to the ‘70s. “Carminella che se l’inghiottì la terra” (“Carminella swallowed by the earth”), “Il Ramarro” (“The green lizard”), “A ‘za Peppina che va con i morti” (“Aunt Peppina going with the dead”) and many others represent a gallery of fascinating and atypical protagonists who, in a polyphony of collective voices, narrate a fictionalised social history with elements of cultural anthropology. The work I Racconti del Trappeto (“Tales from the oil mill”), with all original stories representative of the culture of the people of Calabria of those times, follows the path outlined by the author with her previous book Racconti dal Sud (“Tales from the Italian south”), a successful collection also published in the United Kingdom by the London-based publishing house Aspal Press.

Angelina Brasacchio was born in Strongoli (Crotone). She is an established Italian author and has published several novels in Italy, including Racconti dal Sud and Racconti del Trappeto. Some of her novels have been informed by her activities as a trade unionist and one of the earliest feminists in Southern Italy.