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I Want It Too

I Want It Too

A book on the importance of never letting go of your dreams.

Pompeo Tiburzio is a little crow who wantsto be a… stork! He convinces a flock of storks to let him carry a newborn to its mummy, but he soon realizes that he’s gone the wrongway, and that the real destination is too far for his little wings. Luckily, he meets a group of bizarre characters – a knightf ighting a dragon, a lion and an elephant who have escaped from a zoo and a bunch of comical pirates – who will help him on his journey. A funny story about the importance of not letting go of your dreams, of working hard to make them come true.


Genre: Kids

Publishing house:

Terre di mezzo Editore

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 56

Price: 15

ISBN: 9788861894310

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I Want It Too

Gek Tessaro

GEK TESSARO is a prolific Italian author and illustrator. Among his latest published works there are: Cavalcavia (Carthusia Edizioni) and Pinocchio (Lapis Edizioni). He was awarded the Italian Andersen Prize for “BestAuthor” in 2010.