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Il bacio della buonanotte

London, modern day. Martin is eighteen, with a future to invent and a father he detests. When he meets Bruce and Summer he discovers that he is part of the Pilgrims, creatures who reincarnate over the centuries and whose warfare continues from life to life; with each incarnation they can change sex, origin, nationality, but always remain themselves. Each time fate brings them back into contact and each time none of them remembers anything of the past. Recovering those memories is possible, but comes at a cost; breaking the wheel, on the other hand, seems impossible. Until the appearance of a legendary weapon. To find it, Martin will have to decide what to fight for – and how much he is willing to sacrifice.

Francesco Dimitri was born in Italy in 1981 and lives in London. He writes, collaborates with magazines, media agencies and blogs, plays role-playing games and wanders the woods. His novel Pan was a literary case. He also published Alice nel paese della vaporità. Alan D. Altieri called him ‘one of the most significant voices of the last generation of non-fiction and fantasy’.