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When he was a journalist, Dario Corbo only sought the truth that his readers would like. Since he no longer has a newspaper, he has discovered many truths that he did not like at all. That is why he did not want to know about collaborating with the Carabinieri in the investigation that his ex-wife Giulia had undertaken at the cost of her life. An Etruscan necropolis ravaged in years of nocturnal excavations, a traffic that has enriched the Currè family, the patriarch Vincenzo, his daughter Maddalena who is establishing herself as a contemporary art gallerist, his enigmatic companion Cosimo Roi, who manoeuvres that money in the shelter of a Swiss finance company. Corbo has other priorities, a son to take care of, his impossible love for Nora Beckford. The colonel of the carabinieri calls him back to his duties, and the Currè clan goes on the attack against the Beckford Foundation and the prestige it represents. The plan to enter “la Scuda” as masters is diabolically contrived, a subtle trap into which Nora herself will fall first, with her determination, her dreams and her frailties. But above all with her love for Dario, with whom she is finally breaking her inner chains. In the best novel of the series, as in a spy story, Corbo plays on several tables, investigates and acquires information, defuses dangers, manipulates friends and enemies, and tells each interlocutor the appropriate lie, all in order to protect his son and save Nora and the Foundation. The reckoning with the past, his and our country’s, cannot be postponed.

Giampaolo Simi is a novelist, scriptwriter and screenwriter. His books have received several awards and have been translated in France (in Gallimard’s ‘Série noire’ and at Sonatine) and in Germany (Bertelsmann). With Sellerio he has published Cosa resta di noi (2015), La ragazza sbagliata (2018), Come una famiglia (2018), I giorni del giudizio (2019), Rosa elettrica (2007, Sellerio 2021), Senza dirci addio (2022) and Sarà assente l’autore.