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Noura and Lorenzo would like to be together, but Rudy, an unscrupulous boy, threatens their love…• Good stories are eternal, and author rewrites prove it. Sara Magnoli recounts a Manzoni and Fermo e Lucia that have never been more topical.Noura is from Pakistan, living with her mother since her father ran off with another woman – so her employer, engineer Conti, told them. She is afraid that she will have to leave her new home and Lorenzo, with whom she is in love, reciprocated, because of the blackmail and threats of Rudy, who has fallen in love with her and who has taken some compromising photos of her, even though she remembers nothing. This frightens her because she fears she is losing her memory as happened to her grandmother. In reality it is all a set-up artfully created by Rudy who dissolved drugs in Noura’s glass during a party. He has made a bet with his cousin Attila that the girl will be ‘his property’ and to win he is willing to do anything, even to have Professor Cristofori, the only one who seems to have understood what is going on, removed. But there is Lorenzo, nerd, rapper and basketball player, to whom Noura means a lot. The boy does not give up in the face of the girl’s silences and half-words and decides to investigate to discover the truth.

Sara Magnoli is a journalist with a degree in modern foreign languages and literature from the University of Milan. She has always had a passion for writing, thriller and noir stories.She loves cats, is a green belt in Kung Fu and, last but not least, a true “sorcina”, madly in love with Renato Zero. After Dark web and Fuori dal branco, The Heart at War is the third title she has published with Pelledoca editore.