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Dark web

Dark web

An excellent thriller about the dark side of the web. One of those places to avoid. Places where the encounters get into traps and the people are never what they look like.

Vesna is a fake name. That’s the name chosen by the 14-year-old Eva whose goal is to become an influencer with millions of likes. Doom Lad is his nickname: it means “the boy of destiny”. They meet on Instagram. But Doom Lad changes image, style and mood accordingly to the situations. Internet is like a spider web where it’s possible to find everything: kids, young girls, stolen images, horror and terror. Giovanni Boccaccio is not interested in this stuff but he pretends to be. Rocco D’Antonio, the inspector hidden behind the nickname of a writer of the XIV century, must find a way to find Eva. She doesn’t suspect what lies beyond the messages, the video calls, and the images exchanged with Doom Lad. First the photos, then the videos and at the end the meeting in a hotel. This time Eva is alone, there is no screen or her family to protect her. Doom Lad keeps on asking for more and more photos and she believes that he is only willing to help her in becoming a trendy influencer. The only Eva’s friend who knows everything is Pio who is scared by the bullies making fun of him on internet and in the face. Pio is the only one ready to challenge the world in order to protect Eva. But Doom Lad has her in his pocket and knows that he can demand and expect more and more. In the meantime, the inspector D’Antonio closes the ranks of the sexting scam. He holds a key piece and is at a turning point. To be wrong is not allowed, now that Donar is close by. At a pace increasingly fast, the end will reveal a surprise beyond any possible suspicion.

  • “I have always loved to read thrillers, I have always loved to investigate. Also my work as a journalistwas born from the passion for understanding the backstage of a story.” By an award-winning author an engaging and fast-paced novel about a topical subject.

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Pelledoca Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 144

Price: 16 €

ISBN: 978-88-3279-020-7

Foreign rights manager: Sarah Daumerie

Dark web

Sara Magnoli

Sara Magnoli lives in the Varese province. She is a journalist graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature from Università degli Studi of Milan. Her books for children and adults have been awarded many times. She has always had a passion for writing and noir and thriller stories. She is married and has two children and two cats.