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Il Giappone in controluce

Il Giappone in controluce

Watercolours, haiku and tanka: three souls, one spirit

Watercolours, haiku and tanka: three souls, one spirit.

This precious book dedicated to Japan is a collection of watercolours, haiku (short poems of seventeen syllables) and tanka (poems of thirty-one syllables): poetic snapshots of great charm and inspiration, where writing and painting are mixed together with originality and refinement.

Haiku and tanka – strictly without punctuation – are accompanied by watercolour paintings by the Author. Verses and brushstrokes blend harmoniously: poetry allows us to grasp – in a single glance – the immediate relationship with the beauty and magic of Japan, while painting concentrates in itself all the power of enchantment and of the world around us.

Genre: Poetry

Subject: Art and History of Art / Architecture

Publishing house:

AG Book Publishing

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 72 volume rilegato

Price: € 15,00

ISBN: 978-88-98590-50-6

Foreign rights manager: Angela Cristofaro

Il Giappone in controluce

Floriana Porta

Floriana Porta is a Turin-born poet and painter. She has published several books and has taken part in numerous exhibitions.