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Peace reigns in the village of Nettle Hill: Frank the Fox writes his poetry, Debby the Duck looks after herducklings, and the Committee keeps a close eye on all the goings-on. Everyone’s looking forward to thebig party coming up, but then an unexpected crime upsets all the plans: Theodore the Toad’s been killed!A thorough investigation is called for – and two brave detectives. Who better than Frank and Debby? Butsolving the case – and facing up to an enemy who’s far more dangerous than anyone expected – is going to take all their courage!

Francesco Ramilli (author), born in 1995, immediately struck us with the maturity of his writing. He studied screenwriting for comics and is involved in promoting reading with children and comics courses. Poggio Ortica is her first novel.

Rachele Aragno is one of the new talents of Italian comics, and collaborates with Italian and American publishers. Her first graphic novel, Melvina (Bao Publishing), has been translated in France, Spain and the United States.