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On her 18th birthday, Marian has little to celebrate: her mother has betrothed her to the detestable Carl Lawrence, and she has no choice but to obey. It is precisely at her future husband’s country residence that the girl encounters a fox hiding in a bush. Incredible but true, the fox speaks to her. Its name is Macbeth, and it makes her a promise: if Marian will help him return to Faerie, the Fox King will grant her any wish in return. Marian, who all her life has done nothing but suffer the decisions of others, has no doubts. This is the chance she has always dreamed of to claim her freedom! As soon as she crosses the threshold between Elsewhere and the world of Faerie, however, she discovers that she has got herself into a lot of trouble and that Aleister, the Fox King, is not exactly what she had imagined. In the company of the spoiled (but charming) king, Marian will have to escape vengeful fairies, break into the dwarves’ underground labyrinth, and defend herself against droves of goblins and ferocious monsters. But above all, for the first time, she will have to learn to make her own voice heard. Reading age: from 10 years.

Fiore Manni studied fashion design and has been hosting the successful children’s programme Camilla Store for several years. Jack Bennet’s first adventure and his debut novel (Jack Bennet e la chiave di tutte le cose, Rizzoli 2015) won the Premio Asti d’Appello Junior and was a finalist in the Premio Castello di Sanguinetto. Jack Bennet’s second adventure is Jack Bennet e il viaggiatore dai mille volti (Rizzoli 2019). In 2023, Il re delle volpi was published by Rizzoli.